The African Technology Foundation

The foundation’s mission is to globalize African technologies and introduce global technologies to the African ecosystem. To achieve this, they support a broad range of initiatives around key economic sectors, and they are committed to providing African technology startups and enterprises with the necessary knowledge and resources that empower them to raise the economic profiles of their communities, municipalities and countries.


This organization was launched by public and private sector organizations that recognized the need for coordination and collaboration around Africa’s growing technology sector, and the platform is tailored to enhance the startup and innovation ecosystems of African economies.

Venture: An Entrepreneur’s Journey is a documentary film co-produced by the African Technology Foundation and the LIONS@FRICA initiative that follows the entrepreneurial journeys of the four DEMO Africa winners from 2015: Zuuva, BambaPOS, InsureAfrika, and Car Parts Nigeria. From the continent to Silicon Valley for the 2016 edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, the film highlights each entrepreneur’s unique experience as they work to scale their venture.

Top 5 Companies from Demo Africa 2016


Solstice offers an easy-to-use multi-energy source management & energy control system for homes & buildings.


Sortd is a Gmail smartskin that expands the functionality of an email inbox by providing users with the option of organizing emails as a flexible set of lists or tasks.

Strauss Energy

Strauss Energy is a solar energy and manufacturing company that produces innovative BIPV Stima solar roofing tiles.


ConnectMed is an online medical practice that allows patients to seek treatment from General Practitioners directly through a web & mobile application, and indirectly through clinic customers.


MediaBox is a video-on-demand content aggregation platform that gives viewers the easiest way to watch international and local content, both on demand and live over the internet.