BootUP’s expert network brings together over 800 outstanding individuals with diverse backgrounds, experience and personal networks covering vertical industry sectors, different geographic regions and a variety of functional areas (e.g. growth marketing, fundraising, UX/UI design, sales channel development, contract manufacturing).

Jane Lindner

"BootUP has access to a very diverse network of investors ranging from business angels to family offices to venture funds.”

Jenn Byrnes

"BootUP has very strong corporate partners providing validation as well as opportunities to drive significant sales."

Ray Kasbarian

"At BootUP, you can tap into experienced, serial entrepreneurs who have been on the entrepreneurial journey many times before."

Bob Marcantonio
Retail Channels

"The BootUP network provides access to leading distributors and retailers within the United States and abroad."

Woody Gibson

"BootUP has experts with deep, sector-specific expertise who understand your industry, who can help you spot opportunities as well as overcome challenges."

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